A Guide for the Sugar Baby Novice: How to Find a Sugar Daddy Online comments

A Guide for the Sugar Baby Novice: How to Find a Sugar Daddy Online comments

Part of being a millennial woman is the freedom you can have, if you so choose, to advertise yourself as a sugar baby without the archaic burden of societal shaming, or even disapproving whispers from married friends. On the contrary, if you have married friends whom you can dish to about your sugar daddy adventures, they’ll want to hear all the juicy details.

But alas, you don’t have a sugar daddy – yet. But, you sure as sugar are keen on getting one, and are open to any ideas as to how to do it. After all, the perks of being a sugar baby are many: vacations to Fiji, five-star restaurants you show up to in a shiny black convertible, shopping on 5th Avenue instead of the department store, and perhaps best of all – getting help to pay your bills, or even having them paid completely.

However, if you have yet to score your first sugar daddy, don’t start daydreaming about not ever having to work for the rest of your life quite yet. We all eventually get older, so planning a sugar baby career is really only a 10-year plan, at the very most. Furthermore, you can call yourself a sugar baby all you want, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll likely remain an aspiring one.

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Sugar Baby Tips – From Profile to First Date

Since we all know that dating sites are the best way to find potential sugar daddy matches, I will spare you that obvious tip. However, how and what to put on your profile(s) can make a big difference in the frequency and types of responses you receive. If you should happen to score a first date, you’ll have far better luck if you know how to play the game and satisfactorily fulfill your end of the arrangement.

1. Don’t post trashy photos.

Most older businesses men want a young, classy woman they can wear as arm candy to dinner and cocktail parties or nights at the casino. They typically do not want jailbait who’s constantly blowing bubbles with her chewing gum and letting everything hang out . So, don’t pose on all fours like you’re in a Playboy shoot. Put away your booty shorts and belly shirts, and opt for gently suggestive photos. Save your fire engine red lipstick, and go for glossy pink lips instead.

2. Always keep your options open

– don’t settle for the first sugar daddy who buys you dinner.
It may take a dozen dates before you find the right guy. For starters, you have to find a man that doesn’t make you inwardly cringe, when you think about sleeping with him. Don’t act out of desperation. Even when you think you’ve found a great arrangement, stay open to other opportunities and dates.

3. Don’t turn him into a boyfriend

– at least not for a long time, and/or unless both of you agree a serious relationship is what you want. These men typically do not want emotional attachment or serious relationships. Keep an air of mystery about yourself – reserve no more than two or three dates per week. If he calls you three times a day, answer only once. Send photos of yourself at a bar with friends, but don’t tell him you usually stay home and watch Netflix while giving yourself a pedicure. Be fun and thrilling – make him eager to see you. Never allow it to become routine.

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4. Make him anticipate you.

Never, ever give it up on the first date, even if he hands you a wad of cash. Do show some level of physical attention, but build his anticipation with each date, while showing him you have class and self-respect. Let him know you don’t come cheap.

5. Set clear arrangements, but do so delicately.

This part can be tricky. Some dating sites advise to set the terms right away, at the very beginning, so that both parties know exactly what’s expected. Others advise never to talk about money on the first date. I would say, handle this on a case by case basis. If he brings it up, be firm and clear about what you expect, or what you’re looking for. If he seems like he is testing the waters, don’t leap for his wallet in the first ten minutes. However, never sell yourself short or let him take advantage of your time, companionship, and certainly not your body.

Remember that on dating sites, especially when sugar daddies are looking through hundreds of profiles a week – your competition for eliciting private messages is fierce. There are thousands of beautiful young women on the same site, many of whom are educated, refined and cultured. Play up your strong points – your spontaneity, your mystique, your intelligence, and your je ne sais quoi. Finding and keeping a sugar daddy is not like normal dating, and as such, requires a good deal of finesse. As with most things, the more experience you acquire, the better you’ll get at being an enviable sugar baby.

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