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On this page you’ll find Review, as well as information about costs and subscriptions for a membership. In case the site is running any promotions at this time, you can look up promo codes and coupons here as well. Review is a dating website meant for people who are looking to date Asians, if that wasn’t quite obvious enough from the name of the site itself. The site is one of Cupid Media’s vast network of dating websites that offer free and paid dating solutions. It is a pretty decent site with quite an impressive member base making it one of the better Asian dating site options.

User-friendly Interface

I am very pleased with the site. It was very easy to sign up for a membership and I found that the entire layout of the site was user-friendly. When it comes to ease of use, Asian Dating is one of the easiest dating sites to get the hang of. Navigating your own profile, checking online members, membership upgrade, and other pages within the site are a breeze what with its eye-friendly interface. It basically shares the same interface with Cupid Media’s other dating sites and so I guess if you’ve experienced their other sites, you won’t have much trouble trying to learn the ropes in this particular site.

Social Features has quite a few social features that are worth discussing. Instant messaging and emailing are the two best social features on the site. Instant messaging someone is very easy to do and so is emailing other members of the site. However, you need to have either a Gold or a Platinum Membership plans in order to do either of these messaging functions. It makes perfect sense, actually, to upgrade to a paid subscription because the odds of you making a connection are greater than if you settle with a basic membership. It’s free to sign up and look around, though, if you need further convincing. Review

Likes and Dislikes

I liked many things about this dating site. I like the odds of finding someone, because the site has millions of members, so the odds of finding someone you connect with are very good. But the thing is, you probably won’t do as well if you’re a cheapskate who refuses to pay for a membership.

Honestly there are not a lot of things that I dislike about the site. But if I did have to choose something that I did not like about the site, then it would be that sometimes I ended up having too many messages in my inbox. This made it hard to reply to everyone who messaged me. The numerous menus and toolbars can be a bit overwhelming if you’re a new user, but eventually you get used to these, and you have the option not to check or update these pages.

Cool Special Features

One of the coolest features of the site is the video feature. You can create a video and other members will have access to it. This increases your chances of finding a member of the site who will be interested in getting to know you some more. This way, you can go beyond introducing yourself and dazzle potential Asian mates with an audio-visual presentation of yourself. Other members, who would probably do this for their own profiles, are then given a glimpse of how you really are, which helps a great deal in letting them know about you.


I highly recommend using this site, especially if you are trying to find an Asian to date. It currently has the highest rating for our Asian category. The site is very easy to join and it is easy to figure out how to use. There are many Asian dating websites floating in the internet but is truly one of the more satisfying ones, with its easy-to-use menus and quite unique video functions. I was so pleased with the video function that it was one of the first things I did when I joined the site. I recommend this because your profile will likely get a lot of views and you will up your chances of finding a date. Subscription Plans

Photo Profile
Upload Photos
View Profiles
Appear first in searches
Translate messages
Send emails
Read emails
Use IM
Video chat
Show interest
Personal Profile
View photos
Upload video greetings
Customize profile
Feature profile
Extra Services
View video profiles
1-Month Plann/a$29.99 / month
Total $29.99
$34.99 / month
Total $34.99
3-Month Plann/a$20.00 / month
Total $59.99
$23.33 / month
Total $69.99
6-Month Plann/a$16.66 / month
Total $99.99
$20.00 / month
Total $119.99
12-Month Plann/a$10.00 / month
Total $119.99
$12.50 / month
Total $149.99
Unlimited PlanFreen/an/a Promo Codes and Coupons

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Member Base

The median income is above $150,000. The dating site’s most active age bracket is 35 – 44 years. Review
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