Best Christian Dating Sites in 2023

Best Christian Dating Sites in 2023

Ready to fall in love again? Okay, okay, that is a little bit much, a little bit too quickly. Let us try again. Are you ready to put yourself out there and start dating again? Looking to find someone with the same Christian beliefs, values and interests as you? Mainstream dating sites can be a bit daunting to sift through making it hard to find a couple who share the same faith in God as you.

Christian dating sites allow you to get even more specific and search for people of the same denomination. The following Christian dating sites have made it easy for you to search and find a dating partner. Or at the very least, meet some really interesting people and potential friends with the same believe while trying. Here are a few of our top picks for best Christian dating sites in 2017. 

The following recommendations are based off of a few factors: the fact that these sites have performed well in the past, have a strong database of active people using the site and whether or not they are easy to use and navigate, which makes all the difference. 

Christian Cupid

Christian Cupid is one of the best Christian dating sites out there. In addition to looking and finding love with a future partner, Christian Cupid allows you to connect with people solely with the intention of finding friends who have the same faith. Christian Cupid connects individuals worldwide and is part of a network that has over 30 reputable dating websites. Needless to say, they know what they are doing

Estrablished in 2000, Christian Cupid have gotten the reputation going for them as they have helped connect over 30 million people from all over the world, specifically in parts of North and South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. They have extremely huge amount of user members and easy to navigate. develops some of the best features for dating website and is extremely user-friendly. Two of the key factors that make it so friendly and popular are their multilingual interfaces and language translation tools. For this reason alone people have chosen this sight because the have the liberty and the tools that allow them to connect with others from around the world and not just their state or country.

Christian Cupid has a very good security system. As part of their commitment to helping you stay safe, they have implement an advanced fraud prevention system into their network and routinely perform member checks to prevent fake profiles and to ensure that no one has hacked into your account. Christian Cupid is also extremely easy to navigate and has been in operation since 2000.

The Christian Connection

Since its beginning in September of 2000, Christian Connection has won a surprising amount of awards for its incredible online dating presence in the Christian world. It’s latest award was granted by the UK Blog Awards Ceremony in 2016 where it was highly recommended and lauded. News related to this site and its rapid growth have been posted in The Guardian, on BBC, The Huffington Post and The Daily Telegraph. 

Christian Connection Homepage

Part of their success is built off of their continual research. For example, in 2012 Christian Connection conducted the largest survey of single Christians in the UK that has ever been done. They surveyed, talked with and collected the data of over 3,000 singles and took their information and compiled it into something unique, innovative and informative. From these needs an even better and more highly-defined dating site was born, or re-born, to be correct.

This site targets Christian singles of every denomination and every age group and targets, more specifically, the following countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, United States, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. There are a few subscription fees that people should be aware with three different types of membership to choose from: basic members, fully paid profile, and a free trial subscription. A free member is only able to navigate the site with limited features and cannot interact much with other singles.

Christian Connection site stands behind their slogan, which is also their belief, that believers tend to make better lovers. When people are rooted deeply into their faith tradition, the site says, everything seems to grow quite beautifully from this strong and comforting foundation.

Christian Cafe

Christian Cafe has not had the greatest ratings and reviews throughout the past few years but it seems to be on the rise for the upcoming of 2017. It has definitely had its fair share of successes and has linked together (and even married!) over 25,000 couples since its beginning in 1999. If that doesn’t speak for this site’s success, we don’t know what will. 

This site is independently Christian owned, which sets it apart from other sites with a larger member base, and has its roots in small beginnings. It offers its users a free 10 day trial period and then asks you to buy a month-to-month membership after that. 

Christian Cafe, like other Christian dating sites, has expanded itself internationally, allowing Christians to meet Christians from all ends of the world. While it allows its customer base to reach out, literally, to one end of the world, its charm (and success!) is that it allows you to remain connected in a more intimate and private way. Instead of sifting through 150,000 user profiles (in your city!) you have a fewer to choose from. 

Users can be more specific in terms of what they are looking for when it comes to few profiles to sift through. If nothing else, we think that this is a great “wing-man” profile to set up, in addition to using a larger site. Dipping your toes in all types of water is good to get a feel for what types of things you are looking for and what types of things you do not want. 

Christian Lifestyle

Sign up for free and create a basic profile with Christian Lifestyle. If you are looking to get a little more serious, there is a choice to subscribe for a premium package as low as $13.99 (if you purchase a 3 month package up front) for additional tools.

Christian Lifestyle homepage

Christian Lifestyle is one of the fastest growing Christian dating sites and is designed specifically for ages 18 to 55. It targets a more liberal audience than most other Christian dating sites out there and allows people to connect with straight, gay, lesbian, queer and even transgendered individuals from all over the world as Christian Lifestyle operates in over 100 different countries.

This platform is user-friendly with 24/7 support to assist user inquiries and solve any unexpected issues. One of this sites most helpful features, besides its outstanding safety features, is the Rapid Match option. This option lets you view 10 eligible singles each day based on their physical proximity and where they are currently living. Other key features include: an on-site chatroom, audio and visual options for chat, and a communal forum, giving you a lot of options for chatting and interacting with other singles.

Like most other dating sites Christian Lifestyle allows you to look for all of the things that excite you about sharing a future partner. Narrow the search down by looking for things like specific hair colors, eyes, height, age, hobbies, education, denomination, whether or not someone has kids, and so much more.

Good luck and happy dating! There are plenty of great sites out there that will get Christians out there for some fun and healthy dating. God has a plan for each of our lives and we know that this, however it unfolds for you, is a part of something really great. 

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