What I've learned from 7 years of telling guys I'm a virgin

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Richard Branson Published on 28 October I have always been a big believer that keeping in great physical shape helps with every single aspect of life. But it also runs through the ethos in all of our businesses. Personally, as I have got older I have become even more committed to keeping fit, and found new ways to do so. I continue to play tennis every day, and to kitesurf and swim. You may have seen a few fun videos during that time — cycling up hills, jumping wind turbine shadows, trying out pilates, doing headstands — and Katie has been integral to it all. A post shared by Richard Branson richardbranson Katie makes working out such a pleasure.

Although these are just part of our story. When we first started flying inthe world was changing rapidly. All the rage the UK, boom time had arrived, and a lot of people had more money to spend, with a greater desire to explore the earth. And what a dull, grey be subject to that was. The time was absolute for someone to come in after that shake things up. And did we ever.

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