Myths and Misconceptions About Sex Addiction

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Open in a separate window aIncludes one participant who stated that he was negative. Personal identifiers were not included in the demographic survey. Approximately half of the participants were bisexual, defined here as self-reporting sex with both male and female partners in the prior 12 months. Thirteen percent reported sex with male-to-female transgender partners. Each focus group session lasted minutes, was audiotaped, and transcribed verbatim. Verbal informed consent was obtained using IRB-approved procedures. Once informed consent was obtained, nametags were distributed, whereby participants were free to print a pseudonym or their real first names. After completing the group, participants were asked to complete a short demographic survey.

Erstwhile individuals use sex addiction as an excuse for sexual misconduct. Recognizing this, it is helpful to understand can you repeat that? sex addiction is NOT. Sex compulsion is not fun. Sex addiction leads to shame, depression, anxiety, and a wide variety of negative consequences, a minute ago like every other form of compulsion. Sex addiction is not about having a good time any more than heroin addiction is about having a good time. Sex addiction is not an excuse for bad behavior. Below no circumstances are sex addicts absolved of responsibility for the problems their choices have caused.

But, a significant minority believed the sexual relationship was worse or no advance than before. In response to the question, Have any specific sexual problems occurred since you began recovery? They described ten basic types of problems which interfered with sexual interest before performance. Problems originating primarily with the addict feelings of guilt and bring into disrepute loss of libido and erectile dysfunction unrealistic expectations about the sexual affiliation confusion about sexual orientation. Problems originating primarily with the coaddict anger, disloyalty, loss of trust disclosure of the coaddict's underlying problems e.

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