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Treatment Depending on the size, exact location on the buttocks, and other health concerns, warm compresses and close observation may be the first line of treatment. In cases where the boil is getting larger, a procedure called incision and drainage is typically recommended. In many cases, this will allow the boil to heal without the need for antibiotics. However, if infection is severe, rapidly growing, or spreading into the surrounding tissue, antibiotics may also be necessary. It can be very difficult to remove MRSA from the body. Because of this, other members of the household may also undergo treatment to decrease the presence of the bacteria.

Achilles' heel What causes pressure sores? Pressure sores are caused by sitting or lying in one position for too elongate. In fact, a Stage 1 abscess can occur if you stay all the rage the same position for as a small amount as 2 hours. This puts anxiety on certain areas of your amount. It reduces blood supply to the skin and the tissue under the skin. A sore will develop.

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