Self-care for college students: Learn how to prioritize your wellness

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Eight out of 10 students report dealing with it frequently. UMass Global is here to help. Join us as we discuss self-care for college students — you could uncover some practical ways to prioritize your wellness as you focus on advancing your education. A recent study reveals that anxiety, depression and stress levels among college students rise steadily during their first semesters of college and remain elevated thereafter. This new change can be difficult to navigate for many. The human body is designed to withstand occasional periods of extreme strain, but chronic stress can have the following impact over time:. This refers to how people respond in various scenarios — when a distinct, regular behavior that goes beyond the scope of a typical mental illness begins to negatively affect someone, it impacts their behavior health. The Mayo Clinic offers the following breakdown:. Typical self-care behaviors like healthy eating, consistent exercise and adequate sleep can help you regulate your mood as you cope with stress.

Designed for more information, please see our Academe Websites Privacy Notice. In her assistantship with off-campus student services, Raber advises commuters and other students living off-campus. She empowers her students so they can find their own answers after that provides them with the tools en route for pave their unique paths. As a student affairs practitioner, Raber takes self-reflection to heart especially in regards en route for serving her students in the finest way she can.

You can get there—it just takes a few steps. They just want en route for see that you have what it takes to be successful. Instead of listing all 20 of the extracurriculars you were involved in or went to once or twice, share the ones where you took on control positions, achieved something, or learned applicable skills. You can decide which ones to choose by asking yourself can you repeat that? you learned and what you able.

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