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Link Note: This post contains mentions of sexual assault, rape, and harassment. There's never an appropriate reason to objectify, sexualize, and shame a woman for her body — let alone over a school dress code, for having a partner, or when seeking medical care. I was wearing a skirt that went past my knees, a black velvet tube top that didn't expose my stomach, and a cardigan. I walked into math class that morning, and my teacher told me, 'You're dressed like a hooker, get out of my classroom. After the experience I had with that teacher, I hated it. The impact teachers have on young minds is profound, and shaming them is cruel and can often stunt people. If someone talks to you this way and you then want to give up something you love as a response, I really hope you remember those people are broken, not you. Keep doing what you love. Never mind that he was the only person I had been with, I was a slut.

A minute ago 19 days into his deployment, the friend was killed by a edge bomb. Half the town turned absent for the funeral. Two months afterwards he graduated, in May , Jared packed his bags to join the Army. In his spare time all through training, he recorded videos of himself in his camouflage uniform, singing bang songs and Christian hymns, which he uploaded to his YouTube channel. He was deployed to Afghanistan less than a year later, manning a. Jared had wanted to see combat, although the reality of it hit him harder than he'd imagined. He was terrified one night when his basis came under rocket fire. Two of his buddies were blown up all the rage a truck.

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