Why even fully vaccinated older people are at high risk for severe COVID-19

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At the beginning of as vaccine distribution began in the U. Six months later, we recontacted these individuals to find out whether they chose to receive a COVID vaccine, their reasoning behind their decisions, and how they are feeling about their choice. A common response mentioned by one-fourth of these individuals was that seeing others, especially friends and family, get vaccinated without side effects made them decide to get a vaccine. In their own words: What did you learn or hear that persuaded you to get vaccinated? Lots of regulations got lifted for vaccinated people. A small but meaningful share said the easing of restrictions for vaccinated people made them decide to get a vaccine. Also the possibility that business and other resources may be limited to non-vaccinated individuals was also a major factor. When asked what changed their mind, many of these individuals offer concerns about the side effects of the vaccine as the reason why they now do not plan on getting vaccinated. We do not know the long term effects on the body, reproduction etc.

Photograph by Jackie Ricciardi. Myth : definite mith; noun; definition: a widely held but false belief or idea; synonyms: misconception, fallacy, fantasy, fiction. Among the many reasons COVID vaccination rates all the rage the United States peaked earlier than experts hoped—then, rather than crescendoing addicted to the summer months, began trending downward—are myths that took hold among the unvaccinated and solidified as their reasons not to get the shots. Although no matter how convincing and certain the science and the data a propos the COVID vaccines are, misinformation spreads so easily and quickly—largely through collective media networks—that it has become a major barrier stopping the United States from reaching higher levels of immunization million people, or 57 percent of Americans, have received at least individual shot that would bring us early to herd immunity. Myth vs. But these two experts encountered someone arrange the street who cited one of these myths as their reason not to get vaccinated, this is can you repeat that? they would say to them. En route for provide extra context, we include individual more fact. Assoumou: This is the most common question I get asked.

Escalate data suggest that older people are at higher risk of severe ailment from a breakthrough infection of COVID—and scientists say that should come at the same time as no surprise. After all, older become old brackets have been disproportionately at attempt throughout the pandemic, and that continues to be true even once a big cheese is fully vaccinated. Powell was 84, but his cause of death was more complex: The former statesman suffered from multiple myeloma, a cancer of white blood cells. People with this form of cancer tend not en route for respond well to vaccines. But all the rage addition to the immunocompromised, health officials are seeing worrying evidence that older age groups continue to be by higher risk from the pandemic. After that recent media reports citing data as of Seattle, Washington, and the United Empire show that older vaccinated people accept similar—and, in some cases, greater—risks of severe disease than unvaccinated children.

At once, the year-old Texan is hoping en route for inspire others to get the ammunition after he became so ill next his COVID diagnosis that he basic a rare double lung transplant en route for survive. On Feb. He was at last transferred to Houston Methodist, where he was put on an extracorporeal casing oxygenation ECMO machine to pump after that oxygenate his blood for him. Garza was put on the lung move list, and on April 13, effectively underwent surgery. He spent several add weeks recovering and rehabilitating to get back his strength after two months arrange life support before being released as of the hospital on May

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