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PMID: Abstract Objectives: Equality between partners is considering a feature of the functional partnerships in westernized societies. However, the evolutionary consequences of how in-pair hierarchy influences reproduction are less known. Attraction of some high-ranking women towards low-ranking men represents a puzzle. Methods: Young urban adults men, women filled out a questionnaire focused on their sexual preference for higher or lower ranking partners, their future in-pair hierarchy, and hierarchy between their parents. Results: Human pairs with a hierarchic disparity between partners conceive more offspring than pairs of equally-ranking individuals, who, in turn, conceive more offspring than pairs of two dominating partners. Importantly, the higher reproductive success of hierarchically disparate pairs holds, regardless of which sex, male or female, is the dominant one. In addition, the subjects preferring hierarchy disparity in partnerships were with greater probability sexually aroused by such disparity, suggesting that both the partnership preference and the triggers of sexual arousal may reflect a mating strategy. Conclusion: These results challenge the frequently held belief in within-pair equality as a trademark of functional partnerships. It rather appears that existence of some disparity improves within-pair cohesion, facilitating both cooperation between partners and improving the pairs' ability to face societal challenges.

Courier When it comes to power all the rage romantic relationships, men are often cast list as dominant and women as admiring. But appearances of gender equality be able to be deceiving. In my most contemporary studyI asked young adults about their heterosexual relationship experiences. Unsurprisingly, power was skewed in favor of one affiliate versus being equally balanced or collective in most of their relationships. Although the appearance of symmetry disappeared a long time ago we looked at the implications of these power differences.

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