15 Best Things to Do in Guelph : Ontario Canada

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It is a beautiful city that is known for its limestone architecture, dynamic culture and high standard of living. But for some reason, it is not high on the list of places to visit in Ontario. History buffs, art lovers, adventurists and festival goers will all find things to do in the city. Walk above the water Source: wikimedia Guelph Covered Bridge Inaround volunteers built a pedestrian-only bridge over the Speed River. The bridge was built with timber in a s style design and is part of the Royal Recreational Trail. The bridge is roughly It gives you the chance to see both sides of the river.

Bowling Raining out? Stay dry while you test out your bowling skills! Located at Woodlawn Rd W! Their rooms are so realistic you will air like you are in another era! Make sure you make a condition ahead of time!

Attach it for later! Also, be absolutely to look into details like prices, parking, and hours as they be able to always change! Explore Downtown Market Accord is a good place to start! Market Square is right by Capital Hall. We could name everything en route for check out downtown but that would take a while — so we will give you a sample of things in each category. Baker Avenue was great for food and drinks! So, in the future, we arrange on writing a whole post arrange bars in Guelph and then a different on places to eat so adjourn tuned for those! For now, amble around and see what you find!

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