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Here are 5 tips to please your women in bed and we assure you that she will be totally satisfied. The worst part of your sex life is when you think why concentrate on foreplay, when you can directly reach the climax. Well the truth is if you wish to make her satisfy and happy then you need to give your time when it comes to sex. All about time: The worst mistake you make is when you rush into things. The simple question that you should ask yourself is, are you in hurry? Do you have to catch a train or a flight? No, then relax give sex a proper time, because it's when you connect with your lady in a different manner. Start slowly, build up that anticipation and when we say slowly, we means really slowly. Stroke her legs, move your lips on her skin right from her toe to her thighs.

A sweet text message is just the right thing that can make her smile. It works especially when your girlfriend is jealous or angry. You can also send sweet messages after you miss her madly. It is the easiest, yet most effective approach, to bring a bright and adorable smile to your girlfriend's face. Assessment out some of the cutest texts for all occasions to make your girlfriend happy: 1. It is individual way of letting her know so as to you think of her every break of day and it will surely make her happy. And if she is covetous or unhappy for some reason, it will surely make her happy.

Abide inspiration from these nice things en route for say and the girl in ask will have no doubt about your feelings for her. Here are the 12 best nice things to about to a girl: 1. You allow me. Until every last star all the rage the galaxy dies. An enchanting axiom for a girlfriend or wife en route for let her know how much you love her.

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