The Spoiled Adult Children Epidemic: Has it Affected You?

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Shawn Garrison Ruth Graham recently wrote a feature for the Boston Globe baking a light on unfair child aid payments and why the system is so flawed. Several sociologists and scholars are quoted in the story suggesting possible solutions to update the approach to better support children while additionally incorporating fathers into their lives. The child support system covers about a quarter of American children, and be able to provide a crucial safety net designed for some families. But it is apparent the current laws need significant reform. Here are four of the a good number critical flaws of the current adolescent support system. But the system was established nearly 40 years ago, after that is based on outdated stereotypes so as to viewed Mom as a housewife after that Dad as the sole breadwinner. At the same time as Johns Hopkins University sociologist Kathryn Edin explained to Graham, the traditional roles of mothers and fathers have changed dramatically since the s, but the laws are still stuck in the past. Learn More Why is adolescent support so unfair to fathers?

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