Addiction and the Recent American Novel

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With his addict-confession, De Quincey was one of the first people in English society to openly report on the personal experience of drug use. These texts were an appeal to the imagination; expressions of misery, loss, and degradation. They open up the history of addiction and give valuable insight into how tendencies changed over time; how present-day social norms, values, and beliefs on the topic formed; and what led to the mechanism of addiction becoming firmly ingrained into Western society. Romanticism was fascinated by the irrational quality of dreams, nightmares, reveries, and hallucinations. Critics have argued that, afterSir Walter Scott, probably influenced by opium use, began producing more fantastic and mystical work5. The experiences of the first writers who published their addict-narratives were shared by many before them, and determining when people first began experimenting intoxicating substances leads one far back into the preliterate world, where first-hand information is much more difficult to find.

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