A key to happiness: having something to look forward to.

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We wait far too long for that once-a-year vacation or that special event. You need an abundance of good things to look forward to—a bare minimum of at least one thing every day. To get you thinking, here are some simple things you could look forward to on a weekly or daily basis that are very likely to boost your happiness: a half-hour of peace to meditate or write in a journal write a thank you note take a walk with a friend ride your bike through the park enjoy a bubble bath see a play or go to the theatre or a concert try out a new restaurant call a friend or relative for a good chat read a book cook and enjoy a favorite meal or dish with your friends have a safari dinner party or potluck supper a good stretch or 20 minutes of yoga a massage a dance or exercise class book lunch or coffee with a friend buy or pick a bunch of fresh flowers and give them to a friend for no reason write down all the things you are most grateful for right now These are a few simple ideas to get you started so feel free to add your own ideas as well. Sometimes it is easier to incorporate happy boosting activities into your daily life by designing an ideal morning and evening routine.

Checkpoints can be a great way en route for cultivate a sense of excitement. Although many people have longterm checkpoints, you need to have short term commonplace checkpoints as well. They keep you grounded in the present moment after that allow you to have small things to look forward to each calendar day. To make checkpoints, mentally go all the way through your day and jot down a list of what needs to acquire done. You can cross off checkpoints during the day, giving you a sense of satisfaction after you've completed a given task. For example, Arouse up, have breakfast, work out, attempt to work, etc. For example, you may be seeing a movie along with a friend at the end of a work week. While your week may seem grueling, you have a short term fun checkpoint you're effective towards.

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