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Welcome Home Daddy Lola has mixed feelings about having a new stepdad Harry. She'd been used to going out and getting away with a lot since her mom was always busy with her work but Harry is military and strict and he's back! After her mothers whirlwind romance abroad with a marine on one of her workaholic business trips, Lola finds herself with a new step dad suddenly in the house. Harry had been away overseas and now he's home and her mom is away leaving Harry at home in charge of the Brat! Despite wanting to see her boyfriend, Lola finds herself looking at her stepdad in a new light after a risky soapy erotic introduction. Lola is having difficulty reaching for wine on the top shelf in the kitchen, naked and slippery and alone in the house, or so she thinks, Lola gets a shock when her new step daddy introduces himself from behind her with a full intimate view and lends a helping hand to Lola literally lifting her up butt naked in the kitchen, leaving Lola in a frenzied state of exhilaration wanting more. Despite the fact that she originally thought spending time with Harry would be a drag, Lola finds herself hoping her mother stays away on business forever. Things quickly turn risky as Lola notices Harry's eyes on her ass whenever she bends over and finds herself stretching in front of him enjoying the tease.

After I was growing up, I by no means had a father. I really missed that love that a girl gets from her dad. I've always enjoyed dating much older men. Of avenue, this is something that my care for doesn't understand.

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