You Might Be Wearing the Wrong-Sized Condom. Here's How to Find the Right Fit.

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Thirty-five percent of people with a penis need a smaller-than-standard-sized condom. If you have to worry about it slipping and sliding, neither you nor your partner will be able to enjoy each other as much as you should. Virtually all condom complaints can be traced back to a bad fit. While there are numerous condom sizes and just as many different shapes available, most people are using the wrong condom size. Smaller condoms aka tighter, slimmer or snugger condom can solve a variety of issues. If too much material is bunching at the head of the penis, you could be using the wrong condom shape. A condom with a less bulbous, more close-fitting head may be much more comfortable and increase sensitivity. But in a culture that stigmatizes penis size, proposing smaller condoms to your partner can be tricky business.

Perhaps you remember fumbling with one ahead of your first time in the backseat of a car. Along the approach, most of us learned that condoms can be used for safer femininity and to prevent unwanted pregnancy, although when was the last time you stopped to wonder if you are using the right size condom? It turns out that I may not be alone. Regardless of where you fall on the gender and sexuality spectrum, we could all benefit as of having some basic knowledge about condoms. Ahead are several things you should know about condoms and their sizes.

The catch? For an update to this guide, we recruited eight panel testers to try these custom-fit condoms. A good number were pleased and said they would order them again. Before committing en route for an order, customers can request a free sample kit that offers a condom in their measured size, add to one a size up and individual a size down, in case the measurements are off. The majority of our testers found that the amount they measured was the correct individual, though the sample pack is a nice option for those who absence to be absolutely certain that they measured correctly. Our testers consistently reported that the custom sizing did accomplish a significant positive difference when using this condom, and that they considered to purchase and use the condom in the future. Testers used en route for drugstore brands reported a significant add to in satisfaction compared with what they usually use.

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