Wow-Worthy Orgasm Facts: 11 Things to Know About the Big O

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Similar to the elusive G-spot orgasmI had to experience it firsthand before I could completely buy into it. Squirting has happened to me. But, as is the case with a lot of sexting, our conversations eventually evolved from R-rated to X-rated to XXX-rated, meaning it went from chats to video fairly quickly. So one time, when we were talking dirty over FaceTimeI reached for my LeWand Bow —a stainless steel dildo perfect for G-spot stimulation and P-spot, too—and I became extremely aroused. While he was jerking off, painting a perfectly dirty picture with his words, and I was using my Bow, I realized my bed was getting wet. Like, really wet. Could I have just squirted? There was only one way to know for sure, and that was to bring in expert, Dr.

Medically Reviewed iStock Ever ponder the art behind orgasms? But it turns absent there are plenty of interesting things to know about sex's crowning admiration. For example, were you aware so as to some people can think themselves addicted to having an orgasm — or so as to men have G-spots, too? Premature ejaculation affects about 20 to 30 percent of men, according to a analysis published in March in Urological Art. A survey of Portuguese women reported in Sexologies found that about 40 percent of participants occasionally orgasm ahead of they intend to — and a propos 3 percent of them do accordingly chronically. But a much more common issue for women is the failure to reach orgasm. According to a study published in January in the Journal of Sex and Marital Analysis , reports of difficulty or failure to orgasm in women range as of 10 to 40 percent.

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