Netflix's The Goop Lab wants to give you an orgasm

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For many men, however, giving up the thrill of the chase means giving up some thrills in the bedroom as well. A record 77, adults took the online reader survey over two weeks in February, answering more than two dozen questions about what works and what doesn't in their sex lives. Nine out of 10 reported being in monogamous relationships. Almost two-thirds of women participants, ranging from ages 18 up to 85, said they are satisfied or very satisfied with their sex life. They feel less sexually inhibited than they did early in their relationship and are having more multiple orgasms. While 49 percent of men said they're satisfied or very satisfied with their sex life, almost twice as many guys as women reported being very dissatisfied 24 percent vs. Men were more likely to report less sexual frequency — 73 percent of men said there was more sex in the early days, compared with 65 percent of women.

Affair 3, called The Pleasure is Ours, turns its eye toward a add intimate arena: the female orgasm. The Goop team and the experts they interviewed talk at length about why female sexuality has historically been a taboo topic, and how that has led many women to avoid exploring their bodies and asking sexual partners for what they want. As a result, they don't experience orgasms. Actually, women's sexual health has long been ignored or dismissed by experts -- it wasn't until that a lady doctor fully mapped the size after that shape of the clitoris. But all the rage , the world is more sex-positive.

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