Cisco Executives Show UCS Weakness

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Cry at the company's partner conference all the rage Boston today, Cisco CTO Padmasree Combatant touted numbers that actually reflect appealing poorly on the company's attempts accordingly far to convince customers to anticipate the future of their data centers on its vision of the Amalgamate Computing System UCS. Warrior quoted results of a Goldman Sachs report performance that two-thirds of IT managers by Fortune companies expect an increased apparition of Cisco servers in the after that two to three years. She followed that up with the fact so as to 18 percent said they plan en route for evaluate UCS within 12 months. Accede to me recap this: 66 percent of Fortune companies will add to the Cisco footprint, as opposed to 18 percent who might evaluate UCS. Those are not at all the alike thing, and not at all cheer for Cisco. I followed up along with a restatement of the reporter's ask through the Web interface the alliance was Web castbut somehow the agent never got to it. Jiandani danced around another pointed question around Cisco's C-Series servers, which it introduced at present as a way for customers en route for dip their toes in the waters of UCS without committing to it fully. The C-Series are less-expensive rack-mounted servers, as opposed to the higher-end B-Series blade servers Cisco introduced all the rage March, and may be a answer to tepid demand reflected by the Goldman Sachs study.

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