Guide to Start Dating as a Senior

Guide to Start Dating as a Senior

If you are aged over 50 and want to get onto the dating scene, you may be finding it a challenge. Whether you are widowed, divorced or have never found that special someone, getting started with dating later in life poses its own problems. Many ways of meeting people in the real world are geared towards much younger couples, so online dating represents an ideal solution. However, even then it can be tricky to know which site to choose and how to begin. Whether you are looking for romance, flirtation or companionship, there is sure to be someone out there for you, so here we offer you some advice about how to start dating as a senior.

The Fundamentals Of Dating Stay The Same

While you may find dating later in life a little more scary than it was in your youth, most things about the process remain unchanged. Dating will always be about taking the time to get to know a new partner, finding out if you connect on an emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical level. Don’t forget that communication is the key to success, so if you’re interested, don’t be afraid to show it.

Be Yourself

Always be yourself when meeting new potential partners. Be happy and approachable with an open mind, and above all be honest. Identify your weaknesses and strengths before embarking on the dating process so that you can decide what you want from a relationship before you enter one.

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Getting Up To Speed With Online Dating

Online dating is one of the best ways for older people to meet a new partner, however it can feel very unfamiliar to those who who lack technological skill. Don’t be afraid of signing up with a senior dating site – it’s a great way to screen potential love matches and to see if they are looking for the same thing from a relationship as you. By messaging each other before you meet up, you will already know plenty about each other and will have lots to talk about.

Don’t Make Assumptions

In today’s modern world, you should avoid making any assumptions when it comes to dating, especially when it comes to matters of gender roles or sex. Be open minded and honest when you make contact with a new potential partner so that you find out early on if your expectations are compatible with each other.

Sex Still Matters

While young people think that sex is something that happens in your teens and twenties, we all know that it is still important in later life too. Assess your values and boundaries before going out with a new partner and be prepared to discuss sex openly. Whether you are feeling more sexually liberated than ever or are struggling with body issues, these conversations need to happen at an early stage.

Don’t Let Your Past Hold You Back

Everyone who has reached the age of 50 plus has a past, and while it’s important to learn from your previous experiences, you mustn’t let your old relationships hold you back from enjoying a new one. Be confidence and avoid talking about your exes on your first few dates, and especially avoid talking negatively about them. Most importantly of all, if you are still holding on to issues from an old partner, make sure that you have dealt with them all before you go on to date someone new.

Patience Is Key

Being patient when dating in later life is essential to your long term happiness. Being patient with yourself and not rushing into anything that you aren’t comfortable with is very important, however it is also vital to be patient when it comes to choosing a new partner. Don’t expect the first person you meet to be that special someone – take your time and wait until you have found someone that is compatible with you.

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Involve Your Family

While it is paramount that the person you choose to date makes you happy, don’t forget that you have other people in your life too who deserve to know that you are dating. Let your loved ones know about your plans to start dating so that there are no shocks or surprises in the future. Involve your adult children, and remember to be sensitive as they may have mixed feelings about a new partner in your life. If they fail to show understanding, remember to stand your ground, but gently and gracefully to avoid upsets and arguments.

Enjoy Life

Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean that you can’t feel youthful and vibrant inside. Take good care of yourself and live your life with purpose and you are sure to come across as somebody that will be fun to date. Don’t be afraid to get involved with activities and meet new people, perhaps through taking a class, volunteering or going to church. Pursuing your interests and living an exciting life will make you more attrative as a potential partner.

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