How to Do Online Dating Successfully

How to Do Online Dating Successfully

Online dating is a great way to meet people. When schedules are packed, people are busy, and there simply isn’t enough time in the day to get out and meet new people, online dating is a great alternative. Much like traditional dating, online dating works sometimes. Many couples who meet online end up married, although there are always those who break up and can’t find love. You don’t want to be one of those people, which is why you want to know how to increase your chances of being successful in the online dating world.

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There is no magic formula for being successful at online dating. However, you should always be yourself, and be honest. Faking your photos and your personality has a way of coming back to haunt you when you, so it’s a good idea to avoid putting yourself in that situation from the start. If you want to learn how to be successful at online dating, take this advice and make it your own.

Choose Your Photos Carefully

If there is one tip that every online dating profile needs, it’s all about the photo. You need to have at least two photos of yourself. One up close head shot and a full body shot. This allows potential dates to see you up close and personal, and they can also see the whole package.

When it comes to choosing the right photo, don’t settle. This is the impression you are giving everyone on the internet you might meet, and it needs to be a good one. Forget the selfies in the car or public bathroom. This is a great opportunity to ask a friend to take some lovely shots of you in the park, by the beach, or even in the fitness so you can show off your fun and natural side.

It’s also important that you don’t use too many filters or editing software. It’s fine to do a little bit of editing to get rid of red eyes or to make the light better, but you don’t want your photo to make you look like a different person when you meet future dates. Additionally, you want the photo to be a recent one. You change significantly over the years, and you want your dates to know what you look like now rather than a decade ago no matter how much you love that picture from prom.


Show Some Personality

Your online dating profile might feel a bit like a job resume, but it’s not. This is your chance to have some fun. Show off your intelligence by all means, but remember to show off your sense of humor and your mischievous sense of adventure at the same time. No one is perfect, but everyone is perfect for someone else.

Write your profile. Rewrite it as you see fit. Add to it, detract from it, and make it your own as often as you like. It’s your profile, after all. When you decide it’s time to add a little something about yourself to the profile, do it. If you’re worried about what people think, remember that you don’t want to date someone who doesn’t like you for you.

Expect Some Form of Compromise

We all love a tall, dark, handsome man, but sometimes we’d much rather end up with a short, funny, engaging man instead. Keep in mind that you might want what you want, but you might not get what you want. Imagine online dating like buying a house. You want it to be a certain size and have all the right features, but you don’t want to live in a terrible neighborhood to get that, do you?

The same goes for the man or woman you choose to date. He or she might be all that and then some, but do you really want to date someone who lives across the country just because he’s the whole package? Your online dating experience might be a lot more successful if you choose the slightly less upgraded house for the much better location. You can fix things up all you want, but you can’t change the big stuff.


Lighten Up

Online dating is a lot of fun if you let it be what it is. If you want to find the love of your life, you have two choices. You can take it too seriously and forget to have a good time, or you can lighten up a bit and take chances with the people you meet. You never know if that person who seems so opposite of your type is going to be the person you spend the rest of your life with.

If that person is not your forever soul mate, at least you have some entertaining stories to share with your friends. Lighten up, enjoy yourself and really learn how to have a good time on dates. The more fun you have, the more fun your date will have. When you’re both having fun, you relax and might actually make a connection.

Don’t Take it Personally

You have found him. The man of your dreams is right there on the computer in front of your face, so you send him a message. You wait with giddy anticipation for him to respond, but he never does. It happens to the most beautiful people in the world. You can be the best catch in town, but you might not be that man’s favorite flavor.

Do not take it personally. The best way to ensure your online dating experience is unsuccessful and entirely miserable is to take it personally when someone is just not that into you. Instead of wondering what’s wrong with you after he ignores your messages, wonder what’s wrong with him. After all, there must be something wrong with him if he’s not into someone as amazing as you.

Online dating might seem intimidating, but you are entirely in control. There are no drunk guys approaching you and ignoring your not-so-subtle hints to get lost. You don’t have to go home with someone tonight. You don’t even have to answer their messages right away. All you have to do is sit back and remember you are in control of the situation at every turn.

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