Insider Sugar Information with Sudy, the Leading Sugar Daddy Dating Site

Insider Sugar Information with Sudy, the Leading Sugar Daddy Dating Site

When we think about “Sugar Baby Relationship”, the image of a rich old man with a young beautiful girl will immediately come into our mind. But that’s only a part of this type of special relationship. And it also isn’t only about sex and money.

Today we have a chance to talk with Sudy, the leading sugar daddy dating site. Currently, Sudy has over a million members from all over the world, with all types of occupations and ages.

Sudy will let you know insider information on this special relationship including tips and tricks for those who want to be daddies or babies themselves and how to find one.

Can you please tell us about Sudy?

Well, we launched Sudy last November. Within nearly one year of being launched, Sudy has attracted Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies from all over the world.

Sudy has over 1 million members, including CEOs, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, super models, Hollywood celebrities, college students, and more. Whether they are rich older men who are looking for a younger beautiful women or young sexy girls who are looking for wealthy and mature men, they both can find what they are looking for.

Sudy Homepage

What make Sudy different than other dating apps out there?

In Sudy, after a quick sign up, you can swipe to like or pass members as you did on Tinder. However, unlike other sugar daddy dating app, sugar babies here can talk to sugar daddies for free.

Besides, Sudy provides with many special features like Nearby – Find rich or beautiful singles nearby quickly, Moments – Share daily life moments to let others know more about you, Ranking – The higher ranking you have in the Glamour/ Wealthy list, the more attention you will attract from other charmers, etc.

What are requirements to becoming a member in Sudy?

First thing first, you have to be real. We’ve been really working on one thing, avoid the scammers, to provide high-quality user experience. We won’t allow a fake profile to joining in, even though we give more convenience to premium members.

I know people think like, only really young girls can be a sugar baby and only business men who earn $5M+ annually can be a sugar daddy, that’s not the truth. Tell you what, there are mostly 18-30 yrs old sugar babies in Sudy, with a tiny fraction above 35 yrs old, all of them are really pretty, confident, and gorgeous. Sugar daddies are not only millionairs, but also dozens of mature men who earn $500K annually and really willing to pay.

And how do you verify each member?

If you want to become a member of Sudy for free, you have to verify yourself. We would like to make sure that they are the exact same person on the profile. On the other hand, we verify sugar daddies as well by checking their tax or financial related document to ensure that their income is real.

verified members in Sudy

What is the most significant factor for sugar daddy relationship?

It’s money, and sex ratio imbalance, I think. Essentially, sugar daddy wants a company and they give sugar baby money in return. So, these two are undeniable significant factors.

On the other kinds of relationships, money is not the issue, maybe love, maybe personality, and maybe hobby. In this case, without money, then it can’t be a sugar daddy relationship.

And there’s one thing I’d like to mention about money. Sugar baby is absolutely not equal to a prostitute. They can be friends with their sugar daddies, or lovers. There’s sex in most case, but if they don’t want to do it, they’ll make it clear at an early stage and find someone like-minded. They have a choice, prostitute have no choice, it’s cruel, but the truth.

Another thing here is that the number of women who want to be spoiled always is much more than the number of men who are rich and generous. But since it’s not a serious relationship, it’s quite common that one sugar daddy often spoils several sugar babies at the same time. In some ways, it’s not a big deal.

What are the traits a person should have in order to become a sugar daddy?

A rich man, mature man, who have money but live a busy, lonely, or dull life and wants someone charming, interesting or sweet by his side and make him relax. Every man who wanna become a sugar daddy has the reasons.

“A man’s got a limit, you have no right to stop others from living a life they want.”

Some of them may not be good looking, the lack of competitiveness will make them feel unsure of themselves in social situations, not to speak of nightclub. I didn’t mean to be mean but I know a guy, he once told me that he’d never imagine that one day he could date a girl who is really his ‘dream girl’ and it’s like she’s really like him as well. He may think if he was not her sugar daddy, this kind of girl would not even give him a glance.

In others, for men who may be aged, or busy at work, lack of energy, feel lonely or tired heart in particular, if there’s a sweet pretty girl who can give you time, company, maybe even sex, make you feel extremely relax and young again, and you just give some money in return – something you don’t lack. Why not? A man’s got a limit, you have no right to stop others from living a life they want.

What are main characteristics of sugar babies?

I’d say there may not be main characteristics of sugar babies. We have various types of sugar baby, young chick or mature woman, sweet angel or gorgeous queen, collage student or office lady, city girl or small town girl. Check our blog, we touched this topic and defined the different types.

Is it only limited to young and beautiful ladies who are finding someone to improve their quality of life?

It’s not true, do your Google search you’ll find that many famous sugar baby ain’t always young and beautiful. I mean they are not win by young or beautiful, but they indeed invest in their appearance, well dress, makeup, shining hair, and etc. A young pretty girl always popular, but in sugar daddy relationship, a woman with strong ‘sugar baby’ inspiration who has rich knowledge and experience in sugar daddy relationship always wins. We’ve always provided support and tips in our blog, to help new sugar babies learn how to sugaring.

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How long does Sugar Daddy relationship normally last?

Some of them can last just couple of weeks due to the dissent in allowance or what, some of them can last even several years. Generous daddy & Sweet babe.

Do you know that there are few couples that they used to be in sugar daddy relationship and then turn to serious relationship? Please trust me when I tell you that some of them had got married with their sugar daddy/baby.

Is “love” important for Sugar Daddy relationship? Or just only sex and money?

You mean most important? Definitely no. You mean important? Maybe yes. One thing you learn when you’re living the sugar baby life, is that you always ‘love’ your sugar daddy, or, pretend you ‘love’ them all the time.

“Remember that sugar daddy relationship is not serious relationship like true love…”

Remember that sugar daddy relationship is not a serious relationship like true love. People who married their SD/SB is just in the minority of the whole sugar bowl. And it’s not like general ‘hook up’ dating either, allowance, I mean money, is essential. As for sex? Ah, I can only say that it’s up to you.

Is it possible for sugar daddies and sugar babies to develop their relationship and become a life partner?

Like I said above, of course it’s possible for them to become a life partner. You can check the Google news recently, former porn star ‘Nong Nat’ is now known as Kejsarin Chaichalermphol, 31, married her millionaire sugar daddy who is double her age. I’m not saying that it’s because she’s a porn star so she can develop the relationship with his sugar daddy, coz I know a lady, works in a bank, who is sugar baby as well and she’s getting married next month, with her sugar daddy who is 14 yrs older than her. See, it’s possible, but scarce though.

Some claimed that sugar daddies are the main cause of divorce and abortion. What would you say about this?

Really? Who said that? Well, I haven’t seen any like that so far, at least not in Sudy.

But If you ask me, I’d say maybe ‘Sugar Daddy Relationships are the main cause of divorce’ is more like a ‘tyrant’s excuse for his own crimes’. No one wants to become a home wrecker, honestly, sugar baby’s not contravening the standards of moral conduct, they learn things, they think, they have their own discretion. As for abortion, I think it’s a heavy subject as I’m a woman and I can imagine how painful it would be. But I have to say honestly, it’s all about the people who made the mistakes and made the decisions, not whichever relationship they were in.

A divorce or abortion can be caused by many factors, I think there are always bitches in the world, whether they’re sugar daddy/baby or not, it has nothing to do with anybody, except victims.

If someone wants to be sugar daddies/sugar babies, what are your suggestions?

I think the most important is that you should know yourself, know your needs, know your desires. If you want to be a sugar daddy and you feel you have the qualification, remember that give your respect and courtesy to every women you met, and generous men always gain favor. If you want to be a sugar baby, learn to protect yourself, it’s the most important thing, then know your type, set goal of your allowance and treat yourself well. Check ‘skill’ and ‘discussion’ tag in our blog, it could be very useful when you walk into the gate of sugar word.

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