Interview with A Top Tier Dating Coach: Mike Goldstein

Interview with A Top Tier Dating Coach: Mike Goldstein

If we are asked what the most important thing in life is, dating and relationships are going to be the answer for so many people. It is human nature to seek relationships with others. Some may do it for fun and some do it to create a new life.

There are not many people in the world who can give better dating advice than top tier dating coaches. They are professionals possessing masterful skill in dating and flirting with all types of people. Not just that, they are best at interpersonal skills as well as philosophy and sociology.

Because of their knowledge, these dating coaches are well-known for bringing a successful dating life to their clients. Our dating coach for today’s interview is Mike Goldstein. He is a 1-on-1 dating coach for women who has been featured on the Today ShowThe Star Ledger, and Shape Magazine83% of Mike’s clients enter relationships during coaching and he currently has 100% client satisfaction.

If you would like to learn more about Mike or his practice please visit his website or blog for specific, straight to the point dating advice.

What life experience made you decide that you would like to be a dating coach?

At the age of 24, I was deeply upset over a girlfriend cheating on me with a close friend. Needing to understand why, I began a life of studying dating and relationships. Soon people would say, “You truly understand human interaction and online dating, why don’t you start coaching people?” I listened. A few years later I had coached 6 people to fulfilling marriages with 7 children between them. I also was getting clients into a relationships at an industry leading 83 percent.

What was your dating life like before you became a dating coach?

Well at the beginning of high school I was a total nerd and could barely get a woman to speak to me. After lots of frustration and sleepless nights, I spent countless hours studying experts, reading, and practicing. Eventually, I become an expert and truly enjoyed dating and ultimately found my current girlfriend.

How does being a dating coach affect your own love life? Do you apply the same rules and matching techniques to your own dating habits?

It has changed my life completely. Because I mostly coach women now, I get to hear their pain points in dating, and more importantly exactly what they want from men. My clients have basically given me the keys to the castle and thus I am constantly using this information to show my girlfriend how much she means to me and ensuring I do my best to treat her like a queen.

What is the most important thing when giving relationship advice to your client?

The advice MUST be SIMPLE and EASY TO DO. If 97% of people can IMPLEMENT your advice and get the RESULT PROMISED, then it is good advice. Any percentage lower than 97% has not been refined enough to be truly useful.

What is the most asked question from your client? And why?

Why is he not interested in me?

The answer is simple. I have no idea. Although this is extremely difficult, I ask everyone to not take it personally. When I start working with a new client, I make them narrow down their must haves to only 5 things. Thus, when a man decides to stop seeing you, he stopped because of 1 of 2 reasons.

1. You don’t have 1 of the 5 things he needs in a life partner

2. He is only looking for sex and he figured it was going to take too long with you

Neither of these reasons have ANYTHING to do with you. Thus, move onto the next one realizing it was simply not the right guy for you.

Do you have some requirements for your clients?

1. On a scale of 0 (least important) to 10 (most important) finding love is at least an 8 if not higher. I want people who are highly motivated and want to be successful.

Is there a universal strategy that works for all dating advice?

There is a universal strategy to online dating. Simply, profiles needs to be written more specifically

Don’t Say – On a typical Friday night I watch Netflix.

Do Say – On a typical Friday night I watch 2 episodes of Law and Order on Netflix, go to bed at 11PM to wake up and run 5 miles at 9AM in Central Park.

The 2nd sentence shows what merging of lives could look like, a relaxing Friday night with an early wake up on Saturday. This sentence will rule out non-morning people and the Friday bar hoping crowd which is great news because these folks most likely wouldn’t make sense for you.

Is there a specific trait that prevents someone from having a successful relationship?

Everyone is different but I think one concept could save a lot of relationships. When your partner brings up a concern he/she is having, even if it is brutally attacking your character, listen to it, attempt to understand it, and work with your partner to find a better way moving forward.

How have apps such as Tinder and online dating sites changed the way of dating?

Tinder specifically has made less barriers of entry to going on dates. Your profile can be created in under 5 minutes unlike for example okcupid or match.

In terms of optimizing your time, I would still create a specific and more robust profile on okcupid and only go on dates with men that most likely have your must haves.

Typically on Tinder or similar apps there is not much information in a profile and you basically are going on a blind date. For the person who wants to be more efficient in dating, I would use okcupid, make use of the longer more substantive profiles and match% which works quite well. (My data shows that clients that go on dates with 90% match percentage enjoy the date conversation 85% of the time)

  • If there’s one piece of advice you’d have for singles who are looking for a partner, what would it be?

Here is my #1 piece of advice. This video is the Number 1 Thing Women Do To Erk Men.

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