Meet Locals Review

Meet Locals Review

On this page you’ll find Meet Locals reviews, as well as information about costs and subscriptions for a Meet Locals membership. In case the site is running any promotions at this time, you can look up Meet Locals promo codes and coupons here as well.

Meet Locals Review

Call me old-fashioned, but I just can’t get into long distance dating. It’s all well and good that a busty brunette from Bangkok wants to send me nudes, but at the end of the day, that’s all she can give me. I want more. I want something real. 

Enter Not only does it offer gorgeous women who are sincerely interested in making a connection, but it also operates through a geo-based algorithm that determines where you are and who else lives near you. You’ll never again have to worry about meeting the perfect girl and discovering that she lives on another continent. On, everyone is just a car drive away.


The first thing you’ll notice when signing up is that Meet Locals welcomes men, women and couples alike. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of threesomes, so I’ve never explored those profiles. I do see them crop up in between other users, though, so I may find myself tempted one day.

There’s also an impressive range of ages, shapes and nationalities in the user database. This isn’t a specialty site where everyone is Asian or under 30. You’ll find people of all kinds on, and that’s one of the things I actually like most about it. Here are a few of the connections I’ve made: 

– A 19-year-old nursing student looking for love
– A self-described BBW looking for a casual hookup
– A 40-year-old MILF who could’ve passed for 20
– About six different people who used to go to my old high school

As you can see, there’s a broad range of tastes to enjoy. Ladies, I can’t speak about the quality of the men, but they seem to be pretty diverse as well. I’ve seen big chubby guys asking about movie nights and young guys with six-packs just looking for sex. The site is as diverse as your actual neighborhood, probably because it is your actual neighborhood.

“Get Laid Guarantee”

Meet Locals is also confident enough to offer a “Get Laid Guarantee” feature. This is a three-month guarantee applicable to paid members. How it works is, if within three months of being a paid member you still haven’t met or hooked up with anyone from its network of members, you get three months gold membership for free. It’s a pretty reassuring guarantee, and that is why I had very little hesitation to upgrade. It is safe to assume that honesty is highly valued in this community.

Meet Locals Review


You’ll need to give your name, age and location to sign up for Silver membership will cost you $24.95 a month while gold membership will set you back $34.95. You can also opt for a three-day trial that only costs $1.66, but beware that trial memberships don’t come with all the perks of full memberships, so you won’t get the complete experience that way.
Here are just a few things you’ll enjoy as a silver or gold member:
– Creating and browsing profiles
– Having complete access to the user database
– Customizing your searches with advanced criteria
– Sending email messages to other users, including “icebreakers”
– Starting IMs and chats
– Watching the cams
– Seeing who’s viewed your profile
– Seeing who has newly signed up
In my opinion, it’s worth shelling out for the higher-tier memberships. As a trial user, you’ll only be allowed to create a profile and browse the user database; you won’t be able to do most of the fun stuff I’ve listed above. If you’re serious about starting something with a user, you’ll want every advantage.


The biggest draw of this site is definitely the fact that it matches you with other singles in the near vicinity. While there doesn’t seem to be a set radius or cut-off point, I’ve generally found that it extends about 4-5 suburbs around me, so everyone I meet is within a day’s drive. The shortest I’ve ever had to travel was five miles. The furthest I’ve had to go was 50 miles. She was a blonde dancer and entirely worth the fuel.

You can also chat with singles and couples outside of your neighborhood, including internationally, but I didn’t bother with that. I should also mention the site’s mobile reach. offers an app for both iPhone and Android, and let me just say that it’s a really handy thing to have. It freezes up sometimes, so it isn’t perfect, but it allows you to access the site while you’re on-the-go and looking for a good time. I’ve signed in while bar-hopping at 2am and still found someone near me to finish out the night.


The site has around 600,000 active members, so there’s always someone to talk to when you log into the site. I was getting icebreakers within an hour of signing up. Weekdays can be a bit slow, but activity really picks up on Friday nights, especially if you’re only looking for flirting and flings.

Meet Locals Review

I’d also like to praise the site’s authenticity. It’s common for dating sites to fudge their numbers with fake or empty profiles, but doesn’t do that. I’ve only encountered two duds in seven months of membership, and one of them was an abandoned profile. She was real, just inactive.

Overall, I’d say that about 95 percent of the women I’ve messaged have been living, breathing people. If you send the site a picture of your driver’s license, they’ll give you a little “verified user” check mark in your profile, and that also helps weed out the fakes.

Final Impressions is definitely worth checking out if you’re tired of scam artists or just bad dating sites in general. It’s simple, affordable and easy to use, and the members run the gamut from classic beauties to down-and-dirty coeds. It’s also an extremely active site, so you won’t spend your time refreshing and hoping in vain for new messages. If anything, you’ll be getting so many icebreakers that you’ll find it hard to keep up. 

The site does have its drawbacks, namely the fact that you can’t really test it without forking over $20-$30 for a full membership. But it’s a small price to pay in the long run. If your experience is anything like mine, that money will go to the extremely good cause of meeting sexy ladies and making real connections with them. Best of all, you won’t have to board a plane to make it happen.

Meet Locals Subscription Plans

Photo Profile
Upload Photos
View Profiles
Favorites lists
General search
Appear first in searches
Access to chat rooms
Send text messages
Send emails
Read emails
Video chat
See who’s online
Show interest
Personal Profile
View photos
Extra Services
View video profiles
Guaranteed service
1-Month Plann/a$24.95 / month
Total $24.95
$34.95 / month
Total $34.95
12-Month Plann/a$8.33 / month
Total $99.95
18-Month Plann/an/a$6.66 / month
Total $119.95
Unlimited PlanFreen/an/a

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Member Base

Meet Locals has more female than male visitors. Most of the sites members have never attended college. The median income is above $150,000. The dating site’s most active age bracket is 0 – 18 years. The most well-represented ethnicity in their user base is Caucasian.

Meet Locals Review
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