Nerdy Romance and Geeky Dating? Dragonfruit is Specially Crafted for That

Nerdy Romance and Geeky Dating? Dragonfruit is Specially Crafted for That

Dragonfruit is a welcome addition to the ever-expanding world of dating apps, which can certainly benefit from a fresh approach to making new connections. It is specially designed for geeks who are in search of friendship and romance.

Being a dating community for geeks, Dragonfruit unites members by their intellectual affinity and enthusiasm for science fiction, fantasy, technology, video games, comics, and similar pursuits.

Unlike other apps that treat dating as endless photo albums organized by demography, Dragonfruit has its unique and appealing features to match the diverse personalities of its userbase. It is available on both iOS and Andriod.

Overcome the Introversion

Introversion was another important aspect given consideration by the Dragonfruit app development team. Quite a few members of the global geek community tend to be drawn in; this is a trait that can be expected when interests and fixations do not line up with those of the general populace. A young woman who is very much into the Star Wars extended universe can be introverted, but this does not make her antisocial.

Dragonfruit helps members overcome introversion by incorporating precious “elements of geekdom” such as digital badges, which resemble achievement badges from role-playing adventure and fantasy games. There are more than 20,000 badges that show members what their romantic prospects are interested in. If a young Star Wars fan also likes to tinker with Android APKs, her badges will attract like-minded individuals.

As long as their enthusiasm is well-represented, geeks will always be gregarious and tolerant; they welcome diversity in their community, and this is something that is reflected within the app. Instead of rigid filtering by ethnicity, age or other demographics, this app allows unrestricted searches augmented by thoughtfully coded algorithms that return matches that are truly compatible with users.

More Than Just Swiping

dragonfruit user profile sample Naturally, profiles are everything in the online dating world; this is handled with style by the app. Building up a profile entails answering questions about geek subjects that are present in popular culture, for example: Marvel comics, Star Wars, zombie invasions, and other fandoms.

Complete profile personalization and customization are available. Username, photos and background information can be customized to offer a glimpse at individual traits and quirks instead of superficially swiping left or right; Dragonfruit promotes connections on a deeper level.

Support all Types of Relationship

Dragonfruit is not limited to finding geek soulmates and hookups. A special feature of the app is designed to connect users as friends; in fact, quite a few members who are already in relationships can extend their social networks in this fashion. This friendly feature is ideal for people who may be looking for others who are interested, for example, in the Twin Peaks television saga or in obscure board games made in Germany.

Being able to search for friendship or romance based on special interests is a very neat approach to socializing. Above all, Dragonfruit is about having fu

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