Talk with LFGDating: A Dating Site Crafted Specially for Geeks and Gamers

Talk with LFGDating: A Dating Site Crafted Specially for Geeks and Gamers

Are you a gamer? Do you have troubles finding a date? Are you afraid of being rejected when a girl in your dream find out your passion in gaming? Because of their shy and quiet nature, geeks and gamers tend to make it hard for a dating partner to find out how awesome they are.

Fret not! There’s a solution out there. While general dating sites like might not be a good choice to find someone geeky online, is created for this very purpose.

Today we have a chance to talk with Patrick and Casey, the founders of LFGdating. They are passionate gamers who end in marriage and create a dating site for geeks. They understand to their heart contents of geeks and dating problems. And they want to help!

Despite being a geek dating site, LFGdating does not limit its member to only geeks or heavy gamers. If you find yourself a type of fun people who occasionally games, LFGdating is a place for you as well.

Can you please tell us more about LFGDating?

The word ‘gamer’ kind of carries a negative connotation in our society. Picture two people meeting. One says, “I really like spending time outdoors. I always look forward to walking by the lake or taking my dog for a walk.” The other says, “I look forward to playing World of Warcraft after a long day. I enjoy talking and playing with my friends.” Even though it’s 2016, you may have read the second person’s response and winced a little bit.

You may ask yourself, “Why did she or he bring up playing a video game?” Patrick and I both have a passion for gaming. We started playing Atari and the original Nintendo when we were younger. We’ve carried that forward through every next gen console and PC.

Couple that with us both being single in our late 20’s, and we found there was no gamer dating sites around that we trusted. So we started LFGdating! A clean, modern and professional dating site where the member base were inherently gamers. Why sift through hundreds of profiles on Match or OK Cupid trying to find a gamer? Just come to LFGdating – that’s all we have. Thus, LFGdating was born.

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What makes LFGDating different than other dating sites out there?

The surface-level answer to this question is that our members are gamers – pure and simple. The below the surface answer (as I type this I think of an iceberg that is 90% submerged) is that we focus on member success and happiness. It’s our corps de metier. Before we even decided to build LFGdating, we decided that we had to be member-driven. If we can’t provide top notch customer service then we shouldn’t do this.

This is about building something truly special – a place where gamers can meet other gamers on a safe, professional site. If our members aren’t happy, LFGdating doesn’t have a chance. 4 years later, we’re alive and thriving and we think the biggest part of our success is that our members are awesome people, and they deserve awesome customer service.

Do I need to be a geek in order to be a member of LFG Dating?

You do not! The funny thing is a lot of people who game don’t even consider themselves a ‘geek’ or ‘gamer.’ We have members who only play the occasional iOS game. We have members who play 5-6 hours of World of Warcraft per day. We have members who fit anywhere in that spectrum.

Is it hard to find a girlfriend/boyfriend from being a geek?

When it comes to finding somebody meaningful on a dating website, you have to really know what you’re looking for. Or at the very least, you need to know what you don’t want. The benefit of membership at LFGdating is that the entire layer of geek/gamer is removed at the start. That awkward part where you like someone or want to like them, and you don’t know if they’ll especially be thrilled that you play Overwatch every night – that’s gone. That’s why LFGdating is so special. You don’t hide your passion – you find someone that accentuates it!

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What are major problems for a geek when they are finding a date?

The problems ‘geeks’ or ‘gamers’ face when trying to find a date are the same problems everyone faces. Will she or he like me? Will she or he like the things I like? Swap out geek for sports fan or traveler or late-night socialite, and you have the same problems. I mean I guess ‘geeks’ and ‘gamers’ have the stereotype of being shy and/or quiet, but members at LFGdating tend not to possess that because they’re in a community of like-minded people.

What geeks should do when they want to start a relationship with someone? And where should they go? Carrying forward the theme from above, geeks and gamers should do what everyone else should do when they want to form a meaningful relationship: learn about the other person, find ways to interact positively, and speak up for yourself. Where should they go? LFGdating of course!

Should a geek only date to a geek or not?

This is an excellent question. So it’s established that I game. Well, my wife doesn’t play video games at all. But one of the things we do together – and we’ve done this for years – is play other games. When we started dating, we’d play Boggle or Scrabble. When traveling together, we’d play these on our iPad. Funny – our board game habit turned into gaming. I don’t think I said this earlier.

Geeks and gamers are people first – geeks and gamers second. Gaming is a just a part of their life – it doesn’t completely define who someone is. That said, people should date who they want to date. I think that someone with a propensity to be a ‘geek’ or ‘gamer’ will probably find more common ground with someone who likes to game than with someone who doesn’t, but again – that’s only a part of their life – it’s not the whole thing.

Many people out there saying that dating a geek is a bad idea. Why’s that?

Probably because they worry too much about what other people think. That’s a dark road to go down. In my life, I have been blessed with many great, great friends. The number 1 way I can support them is to support what they are doing in their life and who they choose to spend their life with. If a geek or gamer wants to date another geek or gamer, they should do it. Plain and simple!

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Why or why not people should date a geek?

The best part of dating a geek is that we’re cool people, right!?

What’s the key to making a geeky relationship successful?

The key to making a relationship work here is no different than anywhere else. Have fun, support each other, and find new ways to spend time together. Maybe that’s indoors playing a new game. Maybe it’s playing an old game but making a fun, competitive game out of it yourselves. Maybe it’s grabbing dinner at a new restaurant. Geeks and gamers have to eat too!

For geeks out there, remember that you do not need to completely change by quitting your passion in order to find the one you love. Just be yourself. There’s the one waiting for you. Some might say “Love me love my dog” But don’t forget to say “Love me love my games” as well 🙂

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