Wealthymen.com Review

Wealthymen.com Review

On this page you’ll find Wealthymen.com reviews, as well as information about costs and subscriptions for a Wealthymen.com membership. In case the site is running any promotions at this time, you can look up Wealthymen.com promo codes and coupons here as well.

Wealthymen.com Review

Wealthymen.com Review is a great dating site for men with established professions and income and the women who want to date them. I have truly enjoyed using this site. It is simple to use, provides interesting profiles, and above all else it is blunt. The site makes no bones about its purpose which is to introduce wealthy men to women who are interested in dating men who are well-established.

Actual Wealthy Male Members

My favorite part about this site was the fact that all the men have to make over eighty five thousand dollars per year which is really suitable to be a sugar daddy. There are so many dating sites with men who are unemployed or lie about their income. It is easy to create a fake email, go to a millionaire site, and deceive unwitting victims, but the likelihood of that happening in this site is slim. What is so wonderful about Wealthymen.com is that they do all the leg work to verify that the men are employed and receive the income that they claim to receive.

Authenticity Guaranteed

Another great bonus is that they even verify the photos that the men post so you know exactly what you are getting into when contacting these men. It is a fully legitimate and safe online dating option. If authenticity of member profiles is a big deal for you, you won’t have much to worry about in Wealthy Men. Photos, professions and income are all verified, and sign up is unlike the registration procedure in most ‘wealthy sites’, where anyone can fake their way through the site.

Social Features

One thing that I do not really love about Wealthy Men is its slight lack of social features. You can conduct the standard online dating communication by contacting others through e-mail and chat but that is about it. I would have preferred a video chat or video introduction/greeting function, but there is none. While I haven’t had any problem with communicating with members, it can get tedious just exchanging e-mail and/or chatting. There simply ought to be more social features in a dating site populated with supposedly wealthy users.

Most men and women on the site have a minimal number of photos and tend to have slightly under-developed profile pages. The site could probably get a popularity boost if it would allow, say, unlimited photo uploads, or at least, more than what it currently allows. Most dating site profiles ask a ridiculous number of questions while others require so little. Wealthy Men falls in the latter category and that can be good or a bad thing. If you want to get to know your potential mate, it would be best to communicate incessantly because you’re not going to know much just from looking at profiles.

In addition, since the requirements for men to join are so high, there are sometimes minimal profiles close to home. I highly recommend taking a look either way, though, since the site is free for both men and women to join. Speaking of that, if you are a man joining this site rather than a woman you will have plenty of beautiful women to choose from! Normally, dating sites would advertise pretty looking things on its home page to lure members in, but this site delivers where it counts. This is simply one of the sites where the majority of the users are attractive.

Overall Impressions

Overall, www.wealthymen.com is a great online dating site for men who have high incomes. There are tons of women looking to start a relationship with a man who is established in his career. It is also a good site for women. They can safely put their suspicions to rest while looking at male profiles because as I’ve mentioned earlier, the site has made sure that the men who sign up are stable and affluent.

While there may not be tons of men living close by to choose from I still found it to be interesting and made some wonderful connections. It does not have a ton of “extras” in terms of unique site features but it is free to join which means that there is really nothing to lose. I am willing to look past the shortcomings in social features considering that my membership in the site guarantees that I would make connections with pretty decent users. That, I think, is what matters the most when signing up in a site as this, and for that I wholeheartedly recommend Wealthy Men.

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Member Base

Wealthymen.com has a lot more female than male visitors. Most of the sites members have never attended college. The median income is above $150,000. The dating site’s most active age bracket is 25 – 34 years. The most well-represented ethnicity in their user base is Caucasian.

Wealthymen.com Review
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